The real demon is inside and not out. Send it out so we can destroy it. Never be afraid to “Send It”.

Our Goals and Vision

Everyone involved with Veteran Trash Talk, LLC is committed to preventing veteran suicide by offering a network of resources and support in a community of shared understanding. Our main goal is to have fun, promote veteran-owned businesses, and help veterans who are out of work. Everyone is invited to help understand the veteran culture and become an active part of the solution.

Who We Are

Veteran Trash Talk, LLC is group of smart and sophisticated veterans who will always pretend to know more than you. We are here to talk trash and support each other in a more proactive way than ever. We are a for-profit apparel company and future media & advertising global icon! VTT chose to operate as a for-profit company so we can provide for our families and help as many veterans as possible at the same time. We are here to help veterans get the beast inside of them out so we can crush it.

Our Story

The three founders met at Fort Bragg, NC in 2006 and have been brothers ever since. Joe and Nick talked about starting a venue to talk trash about any topic for years, but we needed a better reason to do it (other than having fun). We added Dave to the mix for his ravishing good looks and commitment. Our CFO is a nerdy friend of Joe’s who is committed to serving those who have served.

Meet the Team - VTT Actual

Joe Bridson

Joe is the behind the scenes Swiss army knife that can get it done and doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty. He definitely disputes that Dave is the best looking one in the group. He excels at any sport involving a ball or anything that fires a projectile.

David Trentin

Dave is the “color guy”, trilingual, and best looking of the group. If he had 6 abs and gave zero f*cks, how many vodkas would it take him to tell you about his early 90s rap career? Null.

Nick Cottrill

Nick is a self proclaimed comedic genius and was voted class clown in 1999. His actual bio is too big to fit on the page.

Buddy Beckwith

The most qualified Soldier of the group! Special Forces, Ranger, Scuba you name it. He plays the Alabama dumb card to avoid be tasked with anything remotely important.

Stay Connected

We have built a thriving community on Facebook. There you can find support, resources, and plenty of trash talk.


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