Stories about Veterans by Veterans that explore how to win inner battles and become successful.




Veteran Trash Talk Hour Podcast

Veteran Trash Talk Hour podcasts are stories of real warriors dealing with demons on the inside. We are brave enough to share them with our community so we can defeat them together. Our podcasts promote veteran-owned businesses and organizations that support veteran causes. Also, there is plenty of trash talk.

Voted 2021 Veteran Podcast Awards
Best Army Podcast

Meet The Hosts

Nick Cotrill

David Trentin

Joe Bridson

Buddy Beckwith

The hosts of Veteran Trash Talk Hour served together in C co, 2-505 PIR, 82nd Airborne Division. They enjoy trash talking each other and playing beer pong. Once a week, they get it together enough to do a podcast that is somewhat coherent.

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We have built a thriving community on Facebook. There you can find support, resources, and plenty of trash talk.


What People are Saying

Just wanted to say how amazing I think the VTT group is. Funny, sarcastic, trash talk to call people out, but always there for each other... just like the real military.


Thank you for this page. It has helped me more mentally than you will ever know. We miss the connection and brotherhood that you have brought into our lives and I thank you for that.


I've been seriously injured. It has changed my life. The support I get from VTT and it's members keep me driving and pushing


It's not the worst veteran group on Facebook.


Greatest bunch of Tom, Dicks and Harrys on Facebook


Zach Farkas

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